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We’re ready to build your e-commerce website. From the first visit to your site until the transaction is complete, your clients will be left with a positive impression of your products and your business. Your powerful website will stand on the four pillars of online excellence: ecommerce website builder

The rest of this post goes into the details of our e-commerce website package. Feel free to read all the specifics. Or you can simply call the following number to speak with us directly, tell us about your business and ask questions:

512 350 8757

We expect the visitors of your website to confidently buy your products and services. It will professionally present your products and services. And it will reliably handle transactions. Here are some of the key features of your new website:

SSL Certificate

Don’t worry if you don’t know what an SSL certification is. You don’t need to know. But you do need one and your website will have one. This means that your website address will start with https instead of http. Without the SSL, you won’t be able to sell products from your site. Also, when people view websites that don’t have an SSL, some browsers will indicate that the site is “Not secure.” That certainly isn’t the impression you want to give to potential clients.

Daily Backups, Security & Protection

Your website will be backed up every day. We host all our clients’ websites on SiteGround, which is among the highest-rated hosting platforms in the world. Their customer service, reliability and server speeds are excellent. If you’d like to host your site on your own account, I highly recommend SiteGround. Ask me for details.

Your site will be secure, protected from malware attackers and all the bots that try to gain access to websites. You, however, will have your own username and password so you can access your website at anytime.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All the pages and posts on your site will be optimized for the keywords that are important to you. If you’re a plumber in Peoria, Illinois, we’ll make sure your site ranks high on Google when Peoria people search for plumbers. I will consult with you to determine the best keywords for your business. Remember: I not only want to make your website…I want to make your business to succeed.

WooCommerce Platform with Stripe Checkout

Regardless of what you’re selling – products or services – WooCommerce is the ideal platform on which to sell it from your website. It offers a user-friendly interface and an abundance of features which guide your clients from the point of interest to making a transaction.

In addition to the basic pages on your site (Home, About, Contact Us), we’ll create up to 5 product pages. If you need more than 5 products or blog posts to start with, let me know what you need and I’ll quote you on the additional time and cost.

WooCommerce integrates flawlessly with Stripe. It’s a platform which processes credit cards and sends the funds to your bank account. In addition to Stripe, you can also use PayPal or another service. You can even accept checks! Bottom line; you’re in control when you use WooCommerce and Stripe together.

One Month of Hosting & Updates

You have to keep your site up to date. Otherwise, stuff starts to break down and not work anymore. This is especially critical on an ecommerce website.


ecommerce website builder

per month, includes:

daily backups
malware protection
3 custom email addresses
SSL certification


per month, includes:

plugin updates
theme updates
WordPress updates
Analytics tracking


per hour, includes:

blog post content
new pages and products
website overhauls & redesigns
comment / donation management

512 350 8757